Warning! Don’t Reapply Frequently for Amex Cards After Denial Pop-Up

Last year, American Express introduced a pop-up tool that let’s you know whether you qualify for a signup bonus when you apply for a new card. At first it sounded like a good thing, until we found out later on that you could get the denial op-up even if you should be eligible for a bonus. That’s because they consider the number of American Express Cards you have opened and closed as well as other factors in making a decision on your welcome offer eligibility.

amex pop-up issues

If you do get the pop-up, then nothing happens if you don’t continue with your application. But the actual application, even though it wasn’t finished, is logged and American Express has a record of every attempt. While that part itself is not very surprising, the fact that it might be considered abuse, is. A data point on reddit shows that American Express reps can look at multiple attempts for a signup bonus as you trying to game the system.

I’m not sure what too many attempts is. The person in question attempted six times in two weeks.

Has anyway encountered this issue when talking to Amex reps. Also, do you repeatedly apply for a card after after denial pop-up? If so, how often?

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One thought on “Warning! Don’t Reapply Frequently for Amex Cards After Denial Pop-Up

  1. I don’t get why they would try 6 times in two weeks.
    What did they think, that, all of a sudden, they would be eligible?

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