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People That Have Used Amex Self Referrals Can No Longer Generate Referral Links?

More Issues For Those Who Have Used Amex Self Referrals

I wrote yesterday about a second round of clawbacks for those who have referred themselves for American Express credit cards. But some people who have used Amex self referrals in the past, are now reporting that they can not generate any referrals at all. There’s a few data points on reddit showing this new issue.

While not everyone that has self referred is being locked out of referrals altogether, it looks like the issue is only happening to those with self referrals. Even links that were previously generated are no longer working.

Some of those who have used self referrals, are seeing the following message when to generate referral links:

Your Card is not eligible to participate in this campaign

And if you click through that message you might get:

Additionally, your Card account’s eligibility to participate in the Refer a Friend program is based on your creditworthiness and other factors including your account history with American Express.

Anyone coming across this issue? Let me know in the comments either way, especially if you have used self referrals.

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