Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Cards No Longer Work for Amex Platinum Credits?

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Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Cards No Longer Work for Amex Platinum Credits?

Last year, the American Express Platinum card added a new benefit. Cardmembers can get up to $100 in credits per calendar year at Saks Fifth Avenue. That’s up to $50 in statement credits from January through June and up to $50 in statement credits from July through December. No minimum purchase required. You need to enroll for this benefit.

One way to easily take advantage of this Amex Platinum benefit is to buy physical gift cards in store or online. But a data point posted on r/churning today shows that the credit earned after a gift card purchase was clawed back. It’s just one DP for now. (Update: A few promising DPs were posted later on the same thread showing no other clawbacks).

Have you used this benefit for gift card purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue? Check your accounts and let me know if credit was reversed.

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6 thoughts on “Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Cards No Longer Work for Amex Platinum Credits?

  1. I haven’t tried buying a gift card for the 2nd $50 credit yet. Waiting for more DPs. Anything worth buying there that’s not crazy overpriced?

    • The article doesn’t say at all that the benefit is going away. But the gift cards are a common way of getting this credit for people who don’t really have anything to buy at Saks. Would be a shame if they no longer triggered the credit.

    • Definitely not click bait and the terms actually exclude gift cards bozo. I won’t try to buy any until I see DPs

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