Walmart Credit Cards to be Issued by Capital One Starting October 11, 2019

Walmart credit cards are currently issued by Synchrony Bank, but will be issued by Capital One, N.A. later this year. This is not new, as we already knew that it was coming. It hasn’t been a harmonious relationship between the two companies. But now we have the date when the switch is supposed to happen.

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On October 11, 2019, ownership of Walmart credit card Accounts will transfer from Synchrony Bank to Capital One, N.A. The switch will happen automatically, you don’t need to reapply. A few days later, on October 14th, you can download the Capital One mobile app and set up your online account, alerts, & AutoPay with Capital One. You will receive the new card later this year or early 2020 with the same number, but the expiration date and security code will change. Your current card will be valid till then.

In the coming months, your existing Account Agreement will be replaced with a new Capital One Customer Agreement and other Account terms and conditions. The rewards program will also change and is expected to offer new ways to earn and redeem your rewards. Details will be available soon. Read the announcement at Walmart.


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  1. I am interested to know if their is gonna be an annual fee what the rate will be it says see capital one such and such well how do I do that I don’t like it changing but the little guy don’t matter I guess and dang sure not to capital one will my credit limit change ?

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