CitiGold Checking Account Adds $200 Annual Benefit for Amazon Prime, Global Entry Etc.

Citibank has added a new benefit for select CitiGold customers that can save you $200 every year. They will reimburse you for subscriptions paid with the CitiGold debit card. The following subscriptions are eligible: Amazon Prime, Audible, Spotify, Hulu, TSA Precheck, Global Entry, Costco membership.

CitiGold Subscriptions

CitiGold $200 Annual Benefit

You need to select the subscriptions you want and register before using the benefit in order to get the rebate. Once you log in you can also see how much credit is left out of the annual $200.

Offer Terms

  • Must register by December 15th.
  • Any subscriptions purchased after 11:59 P.M. ET on December 30 will be counted toward your $200 allotment for the following calendar year.
  • The customer must have received a direct invitation from Citibank to participate in this program. Only the customer named in the invitation is eligible to participate to receive the rebates for subscriptions purchased on their Citigold Debit Card.
  • The benefit is currently only for residents of NY, NJ and CT. Will roll-out to other states at a later date.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a great benefit but getting a CitiGold relationship is not easy. You need to maintain a combined average monthly balance of $200,000 in eligible deposits, retirement accounts, and investment balances. Definitely not worth it for deposit accounts as they have terrible rates, but could be done for investments. Works great for those who already have a GitiGold relationship. Looks like it’s available in NY, NJ and CT only for now, but should be made available in other states soon.


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