More People Targeted for Chase Business Card Offers That Bypass 5/24

Chase recently added offer with a black star saying ‘For Business Owners’ when checking for “Selected For You” offers, on personal accounts. These Chase Business Cards offers bypass 5/24, so they are a great opportunity if they show up in your account.

chase business bypass 5/24

We’ve seen these offer in the last couple of months, and now more people are being targeted. They should also have a fixed APR as part of the offer (instead of a range).

The signup bonuses are the same as the public offers, but there’s already data points that these ‘black star’ offers will bypass 5/24. Looks like after applying for one card the other offers will disappear. So make sure you go for the best option first.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Chase is pretty stringent with its 5/24 rule, so being able to bypass it is a rare opportunity. Let me know in the comments if you see any of these offers in your account.


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