Get Extra 4x Membership Rewards with Amex Cards at Walmart Grocery (Targeted)

Some American Express credit cards have an offer to earn an extra 4x Membership Rewards points on Walmart Grocery purchases. This is in addition to the points that your card already earns. So if you have the offer on your Amex Gold card for example, you could get a total of 8x on Walmart Grocery purchases.

extra 4x Membership Rewards at Walmart Grocery

Guru’s Wrap-up

I don’t see the offer in my cards, let me know if you do. Earning an extra 4x on Walmart Grocery purchases should be a sweet deal for your grocery shopping.


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One thought on “Get Extra 4x Membership Rewards with Amex Cards at Walmart Grocery (Targeted)

  1. What is odd is that before this promo I was receiving 4x on walmart online grocery offers. I am now only receiving an extra 1x bonus per dollar. I makes zero sense. It even says “Walmart grocery 5x MR offer”. The terms clearly state “EARNING POINTS: You will receive 4 additional Membership Rewards point(s) per dollar spent using your enrolled American Express Card in accordance with the terms of this offer. The enrolled account must be active, in good standing and not in default to receive the additional Membership Rewards points. These additional points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of the Membership Rewards program.” It should be 8x total. Not a 1x bonus on top of the 4x I was getting before.

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