Earn 9x Hilton Honors Points at Supermarkets and Gas Stations (Targeted)

American Express is sending out spending offers to some Hilton cardholders. With these offers you can earn extra Hilton Honors points at supermarkets and gas stations.

amex hilton 9x supermarkets gas stations


Earn a total of 9x Hilton Honors Points per dollar at US Supermarkets and Gas Stations.

  • Earn an additional 4 Hilton Honors points (9 total) at U.S. Supermarkets 7 U.S. Gas Stations.
  • Valid through 6/2/19
  • Only valid on the first $500 of eligible purchases

Guru’s Wrap-up

Even at 9x Hilton points, this is not the best option for supermarkets or gas stations since Hilton points are valued less than half a cent. But it could still be a good opportunity for those working on a spending requirement on a Hilton card, or just want more Hilton points. The offer is targeted, and valid for only $500 in spend in these categories.

HT: Miles to Memories

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