Roundup: $1 Homes in Italy, Barefoot Footsie in First Class, Expedia/Marriott Deal, Emirates Changes Etc.

This is a list of news from around the web which I came across in the last few days. I found these articles interesting and somewhat related to the travel and deal content you regularly see here at Danny the Deal Guru. Sometimes just interesting and not related at all, but I hope you enjoy them just the same. If you come across any interesting articles, please send them my way.
News Roundup

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$1 Houses in Italy Are Now Even Easier to Buy

Owning a vacation home in Italy doesn’t have to be a fantasy. In fact, it’s easier than ever to find your the charming, Italian bungalow of your dreams. A surge of places in Italy, like Ollolai and Sambuca, have been famously selling off their old homes for only $1 in hopes of reviving their little towns. Read more here.


Couple sitting in first class plays barefoot footsie

Two first class passengers left their fellow travelers horrified when they were spotted playing ‘footsie’ with each other over their seat dividers on an American Airlines flight. Read more here.

Expedia and Marriott Finally Sign a New Contract

Marriott and Expedia Group have finally signed a new multiyear contract, their first new agreement since Marriott bought Starwood for $13 billion in 2016, and won bragging rights as the largest hotel chain in the world. Read more here.

Cabin designer Ross Burns from Aim Altitude wants to revolutionize air travel

Ross Burns is the lead designer of cabin interiors at Bournemouth-based Aim Altitude, the company behind the bar areas on Emirates and Virgin Atlantic. Now they’ve created a social space concept called ‘Ultraflex’, reminiscent of Virgin’s sofa-clad ‘loft’ area for the A350 – but even more radical. Read more here.

Emirates will no longer display expensive alcohol

Emirates will no longer display Dom Perignon, Hennessy Paradis, Tessero, and the Emirates Vintage Collection at the first class bar. These items will continue to be available, and will instead just be in the first class bar cart. Read more here.


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