Amazon Prime Members Can Now Buy Add-On Items Without $25+ Minimum

Amazon’s add-on items are usually great deals, but they come with a catch. You can not just order that item alone. You need to order it as an add-on to another $25+ order. But it now looks like it is finally possible to just order an add-on item on its own and have it delivered for free.

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Buy Add-On Items

Amazon launched Amazon Day as a trial a while back. The service lets you pick a day of the week when you can have multiple items delivered. Amazon allowed targeted members to order add-on items without $25+ orders, but that didn’t last long. The option was removed when Amazon Day became a perk for all Prime members.

Dans Deals reports that Amazon has now brought that benefit back and Amazon Prime members can purchase add-on items without a $25 order minimum. When trying to checkout with just an add-on item on your cart, you have the option to select “Amazon Day”. The Amazon Day options will show up on all orders, but there’s no need to select it.


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