$6 First Class Flights to Hawaii and a Free Meal! (12PM on 4/15)

Flights to Hawaii are getting cheaper, especially now that Southwest is servicing the islands. But still, $6 flight are just insane. But that’s what Arby’s is offering, although there is a catch obviously.

$6 flights to hawaii

So let’s go over this deal and see if it makes sense, even if you win one of the few $6 tickets to paradise. Arby’s is bringing back sandwiches on King’s Hawaiian buns. To promote the menu addition, it is offering a $6 trip (that’s the cost of a sandwich) to Hawaii that only lasts 24 hours. You’ll spend just six hours in the islands if you’re fortunate enough to land a ticket. Plus each participant must sign a publicity release allowing their likeness to appear in marketing materials.

The trip starts with a coach-class flight from your nearest major airport to Los Angeles for an overnight stay at a hotel. Then, you would fly either first class or business class from LA to Honolulu on April 27 before heading back to Los Angeles that same day.

Tickets are going on sale Friday, April 12 at 12pm ET. They will be first-come, first-serve. You’ll genuinely be charged $6 and have a flight to Hawaii where you’ll sit on the beach, chowing down on the new Arby’s sandwiches. Lots of them apparently, so you better like Arby’s. When you’re done, you’re heading home. If you don’t get tickets on April 12, you’ll have one more chance. The other half of the tickets will go on sale at noon ET on April 15.

Check out the promotion link here and be ready at 12PM.

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