Lawsuit Claims Sam’s Club Doesn’t Properly Load Gift Cards

A new lawsuit has been filed against Sam’s Club, claiming that the retail giant doesn’t properly “load” gift cards with money and refuses to refund the credited amount.

sams club gift card lawsuit

Plaintiff in this case is Steven Lockwood. He says that on two occasions in 2017 he attempted to purchase gift cards from the discount chain. The first time, Lockwood alleges that he purchased two Disney gift cards for $144.98 each and an additional American Express gift card for $500. The amounts were never loaded on these cards, but Lockwood says he was eventually paid back. But problem arose when Lockwood attempted to purchase gift cards a second time. According to the Sam’s Club class action lawsuit, the plaintiff purchased the gift cards again, but this time he left the store without the gift cards in his possession despite having paid more than $700 for them.

TopClassActions writes that according to the plaintiff, he went back to Sam’s Club and reviewed store tapes with a manager to establish that he had purchased the gift cards but didn’t receive them. The manager indicated he would have to call the corporate office, however. Lockwood says that when he attempted to get a refund, Sam’s Club corporate office refused.

Lockwood alleges that he is out $794.44 for the gift cards he purchased at Sam’s Club and that other consumers have faced the same problem. The Sam’s Club class action lawsuit seeks to represent Californians who purchased gift cards at the discount warehouse, but did not receive the proper credit on those gift cards and were not refunded for the improper loading of the cards.

The plaintiff is seeking damages as well as a court order requiring Sam’s Club to conduct a corrective advertising campaign informing consumers of its allegedly deceptive practices surrounding gift cards. The lawsuit is still in its early stages, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for developments if you think you might be eligible as a class member. A reader reached out Twitter with a similar problem.

Have you encountered similar issues with gift cards from Sam’s Club?

The Sam’s Club Gift Cards Class Action Lawsuit is Lockwood v. Sam’s West Inc., Case No. 5:19-cv-00464, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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  1. Had a similar issue. iTunes Multi-Pack arrived via mail unactivated. Plus they don’t send activation slips in the package so if you have multiple orders you’re screwed. Took about 2 weeks to get a refund.

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