This Tool Lets Find Cheapest Destinations from Any City on a Given Date

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Taking a vacation is awesome, but booking it is probably not the best part of it. Sometimes you start with a location in mind and then try to find the best flight and hotel deals. Other times, points and miles that you have might dictate your choices. But what if you had no idea where to go, and just want to find a place where you can fly for cheap on a given date. That’s exactly what Escape provides, a tool from students at the MIT Senseable City Lab.

This tool lets you pick the location you’re flying from and a date when you plan to travel. Then it shows you the cheapest flights to different spots around the world. It aims to help you narrow down your vacation choices based on price. here’s an example, when I input NYC as my departure city and travel date of 4th of July.

Find Cheapest Destinations

I get Paris, France and Lima, Peru as two possible destinations, and also Westchester, since it’s the closest airport I guess. You can customize your search with different options, such as one-way or round trip fares, pick a continent, weather, visa requirements, popularity and more. You can then proceed to book on third party websites.

It’s far from perfect, but it could be useful if you have no specific place in mind. It could give you some affordable destination ideas that you might not have thought of. Here’s some more tips on how to save money on airfare.


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