Southwest Lets You Change all March Flights For Free

The FAA ordered all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes grounded last week after the Ethiopia Airlines crash. The US was one of the lone holdouts after many other countries had already grounded them. New details emerged, showing that the crash was similar to another incident months ago on the same model. Southwest was initially letting passengers swap their 737 Max 8 for free, but after the FAA ban, they issued an even more generous offer.

southwest free change march

Southwest is now letting you change any flight booked for travel in March to another flight that’s up to 14 days before, or after the flight date. Unlike other airlines, Southwest doesn’t charge change fees, but with this offer they are also waiving the fare price difference. The new policy applies to both paid and award flights.

DansDeals tested it out and it turns out the new temporary policy is even better than expected. You can do unlimited changes and you’ll be able to change again and again to another flight that’s up to 14 days before, or after the new flight date, not the original flight you have booked.

Southwest Airlines is definitely going above and beyond with this generous policy. The only requirement is that your original flight should be scheduled for March.


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