Discounted Gift Cards with Samsung Pay: 20% Off Applebee’s, Brinker, Regal and More

Samsung Pay some new gift card deals. Here’s the discount that you should see in the app:

  • Applebee’s – 20% off $50
  • BJ’s – 20% off $50
  • Brinker (Chili’s, On The Border, Maggiano’s) – 15% off $50
  • Domino’s – 15% off $50
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – 15% off $50
  • Regal – 20% off $25
  • Bow Tie Cinemas – 20% off $25
  • Lowe’s – 5% off $75
  • Wayfair – 7% off $50
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 8% off $50
  • – 15% off $50
  • AirBnB – 6% off $100
  • JCPenny – 15% off $50
  • American Eagle – 6% off $50
  • Gap – 7% off $75
  • Kohls – 6% off $50

Samsung Pay Gift Card Restrictions

  • Samsung Pay has a limit of 2 gift cards per 24 hours
  • Space out purchases to make sure you earn Samsung points on each purchase
  • Limit of $500 in purchases per promotional period

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Some decent discounts, but nothing crazy. Some offers have been around for a while while some others are new. You need a Samsung Pay capable device in order to purchase.


4 thoughts on “Discounted Gift Cards with Samsung Pay: 20% Off Applebee’s, Brinker, Regal and More

  1. Interesting catch Danny, thanks. Curio: Have been casually watching “SPAY” from the sidelines, wondering if it’s worth getting a compatible devise. (for the sole purpose of being able to access the spay deals) With the apparent recent price drops on compatible samsung devices at ebay & elsewhere, ( e.g. < 70 for a used S6) am tempted…. Yet given how underwhelming this latest round of SPAY deals is (for re-selling purposes), the question remains — is it worth it? That is, will more profitable spay deals emerge, or are they becoming fewer & further between?

    • Great deals have been kind of rare lately and rewards had a huge devaluation over the last year. I’ve been on the sidelines myself for a while. Just got my first samsung device and it’s my main phone. Didn’t get it for their offers, just found a good price. I haven’t gotten much use out of it yet. Based on the deals they had so far this year, not worth it.

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