WOW Air, $99 Fares to Dublin from Boston and NYC

WOW Air has another sale with some decent prices for travel to Dublin. These fares include a stop in Iceland and start from just $99. You can fly from Boston or New York and must travel between March – May, 2019 to get these fares. You can book flights directly on their site.


WOW Ait often has some super fares available for travel to Europe. But you need to be aware that  you need to pay for any extras and don’t assume anything will be free. WOW Air charges for almost everything, so make sure you go over their list of fees before booking. You’re only allowed a free carry-on item (17x13x10 in./22 lbs), which is very very small. You’ll have to pay if you have a carry-on bag and checked luggage. Seat assignment will also cost you, $9.99-$10.99. Check out the full list of fees and charges here.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A good deal for travel to Europe. Check return fares to see what [prices you get for your dates. You should expect something around $170-$180. But keep in mind that WOW Air is not for everyone though, especially if you want to pay the cheapest price. There’s no luggage and no assigned seats, but you can’t beat the price. Check out these previous posts on How to Fly for Cheap and 10 Things You Need to Know About Low Cost Carriers, to help you save money on your next flight and avoid any unexpected fees. Also be aware of WOW’s financial troubles.

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