Increased Bonuses for American Express Credit Cards, Incognito and Referrals

American Express has a lifetime restriction on credit card sign-up bonuses meaning that you can only get a sign-up bonus on a specific credit card only once.  This means that you should wait for one of the best bonuses when applying for an Amex card. Right now there’s some increased signup bonuses on Amex cards, with some of them matching the highest bonuses we’ve seen. These bonuses are showing up through incognito and even referrals. You can self refer for Amex cards to make bonuses better.

Increased Bonuses for American Express Credit Cards

Increased Signup Bonuses On Amex Cards

Guru’s Wrap-Up

It’s always good to check when these incognito offers show up and hopefully you see some of the best ever bonuses. Let me know if you see any other bonuses besides the ones mentioned above. If using a referral ink, either your own or a friend’s, you can earn up to 15K-20K more points for each bonus.



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