Enter to Win Unlimited Travel for a Year with JetBlue

Today, JetBlue announced the return of its All You Can Jet pass which grants unlimited travel for a full year to any of the 100+ JetBlue destinations. JetBlue is giving three lucky people and a companion the chance to travel and experience more of the things they love, as much as they’d like.

The pass returns with a social sweepstakes asking travelers to fly with a blank slate by clearing their Instagram feed for the chance to win unlimited travel for a year with the All You Can Jet pass. With a blank social slate, participants are able to make room for all the destinations and activities they could capture and share using the pass, with their dedicated sweepstakes entry post showcasing who or what they love most by filling in the blank: All You Can ____.

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Unlimited Travel for a Year with JetBlue

How to enter:

  1. Create a blank slate by deleting or archiving photos from your active and public Instagram account starting 2/27/2019 at 12:00am EST. Make sure to keep your feed clear through the end of the entry period on 3/8/2019 at 8:59am EST!
  2. Consider how you’d fill in the blank: All You Can ____ and choose an image of your own to illustrate a place, activity or a person you’d like to visit!
  3. Visit jetblue.com/AYCJ to upload your chosen image.
  4. Create your custom image frame to fill in the blank: All You Can ____.
  5. Download the image with the custom frame.
  6. Post your custom image on your active and public Instagram using @JetBlue and the #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes hashtag in the caption to submit your sweepstakes entry.
  7. Remember to keep your Instagram feed clear, except for your newly uploaded All You Can ____ image, until 11:59pm EST on 3/8/2019 to be eligible to win.
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