Refer Friends to the new Membership Rewards Earning Ebates/Rakuten Account

Ebates recently partnered with American Express to let you earn Membership Rewards points for your shopping, instead of the standard cashback. One issue is that the offer is available for new customers only for now, and it wasn’t possible to refer people to the new Membership Rewards points earning account.

ebates membership rewards referral

But DoC reports that it could be possible to do so, by adding your referral code to the URL. So to refer people, get your referral code here and add it to the link below.


The referral link sends you to the same page and you will get the signup bonus for sure, but it’s not clear if it will work for the referral bonus. If you want to sign up for the new MR Ebates account, you can use my referral link. It’s still not clear if you can have both versions under the same name.


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