Free 1-Month Membership for flip50, Access to over 10K Gyms, Massages and More

flip50 is giving out a free month of membership. flip50 gives you access to over 10,000 big-name gyms nationwide such as Planet Fitness, Gold Gym and more. AARP members who subscribe will enjoy access to a nationwide network, along with discounted access to more than 17,000 massage, acupuncture, and more. A membership normally costs $34.99/mo plus tax. But you get one free month to try it out and there’s no long term commitment required.

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Membership comes with a mobile phone app that makes it easy to find the nearest locations for everything they offer. It focuses on fitness, nutrition and rest and relaxation. It’s aimed at those over 50, but AARP is open to anyone, there’s really no age limitation.

I’ve never used the program myself, but trying it out for a month for free sounds like a good deal. Is anyone has used it in the past, please let me know more in the comments bewlow.

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