Redeeming Hilton Points at 0.5c on Amazon Could Become Permanent Perk on Amex Cards

Hilton points can be redeemed at Amazon. That’s not talked about much and for good reason. You get a value of just 0.2 cents per point when using them that way, which considerably less than the 0.4 cents per point that it’s the average valuation for Hilton points. But on some occasions we have seen the redemption value boosted to 0.5 cents per Hilton point on Amazon. Both times it lasted for just a few hour but it was a great way to cash out Hilton points at a great value, especially for those people who don’t have any stays planned any time soon.

amex hilton points amazon

Now DoC reports that the ability to cash out points at half a cent each could become permanent. A survey sent out from Hilton hints at this becoming a regular perk. The survey specifically mentioned this as an option for American Express Hilton cards, and even on the no annual fee version as well. That would be a huge boost if it actually happens.

The Amex Hilton no fee card for example has a 100,000 signup bonus. The Amex Hilton Ascend card has a 150,000 signup bonus. Those bonuses would instantly become $500 and $750 worth in Amazon credit. And then there’s spending bonuses, promotions from Hilton and decent earning rates on Hilton cards.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This would be a big improvement for Hilton cards if it actually happens. These surveys don’t guarantee that the perk will be added for sure though.


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