Amex Now Let’s You Refer From All Cards (OBC, Blue Business, Shwab, Etc)

American Express has enhanced the credit card referral program once again. Amex already lets you refer friends for any Amex card, even ones you don’t have yourself. You can even self refer. But now they’ve gone a step further.

amex referrals from more cards

American Express now let’s you refer from cards that weren’t part of the referral program, or that are no longer available. No, you can not refer people to sign up for cards that are no longer available, but at least you can still get a referral bonus from one fo those cards. You can earn: $100 statement credit for each approved referral, up to $550 per calendar year. Your friend will be able to choose from all available American Express Personal and Business Card offers. You can receive your referral bonus no matter what Card your friend is approved for.

The cards that now have this $100 referral bonus are:

  • Old Blue Cash
  • Schwab
  • Ameriprise Platinum
  • Blue for Business

Link to get your referrals

Guru’s Wrap-Up

$100 for referrals is a pretty sweet bonus. But you should still refer first from Amex Platinum, Amex Business Platinum and Amex Blue Business Plus, which get 15K Membership Rewards points per referral. Gold, Green and Everyday cards will get 10K Membership rewards. Then these cards that offer $100 would be the next best referral bonus for some people. Should come in handy once you maximize referrals on other cards.


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4 thoughts on “Amex Now Let’s You Refer From All Cards (OBC, Blue Business, Shwab, Etc)

  1. Just to be clear you can’t apply for these cards right? Like OBC for example. You can only refer from them, but then friends sign up for other cards?

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