New Lyft Card Will be Issued by Synchrony Bank

Ride sharing apps are entering the credit card game. Uber released its own card lat last year, issued by Barclays. It was actually a better than expected product, with 4% back on dining and 3% on hotels and airfare. Now Lyft has announced its own credit card. It was already known that they were looking to have a card soon, but we now know the issuer. It will be Synchrony Bank. That’s not one of the most popular names when you think of credit card issuers. They’re also not known for being the most customer friendly issuer.

Synchrony lyft credit card

Synchrony is mainly an issuer of store cards and also retailers like Gap and Sam’s Club.

No details have been released yet about the new Lyft card. Based on the cards they already issue, this new Synchrony Lyft card shouldn’t get your hopes up much when it comes to rewards.



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