[Expired] Shop at BJ’s Without Membership Till 11/4

BJ's Wholesale Club is running an “Welcome One and All,” event until November 4th. During this event, anyone will be able to shop in their stores without a membership. They are aiming to enable consumers to “experience the convenient perks of a BJ’s membership” without having to pay a membership fee.

Shop at BJ's Without Membership

BJ’s hopes to showcase its enhanced product assortment and array of online shopping options, including its same-day home delivery and Shop BJs.com – Pick Up in Club services, Add-to-Card digital coupon capability and the BJ’s mobile app. Non-members also will be able to take advantage of discounted fuel prices at BJ’s Gas stations. You can also shop online with no membership through this trick.

During the Welcome One and All event, first-time BJs shoppers can sign up for a free, three-month trial membership or join for $25 for 12 months, $30 off the regular annual membership fee. You can actually do better when you apply through a referral, where you’ll end up paying only $15.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a good opportunity if you wanted to try BJ’s or if you just want to make a small profit. Discover it and Chase Freedom are offering 5X at Wholesale Clubs this quarter. BJ’s carries some gift cards, including Visa and Mastercard. They even have $500 denominations sometimes, but it will vary by club. Worth checking out if you have a location near you.

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