Motto by Hilton, New Micro-Hotel Brand

Hilton is launching a new brand, its 15th. It will be called Motto by Hilton and it will provide smaller, customizable rooms that will appear in urban locations. Motto will have more affordable prices as well.

motto by hilton

This is Hilton’s entry into the micro-hotel market. The average Motto guest room is expected to be about 163 square feet. They will come with space saving feature like wall-beds, multi-functional furniture and other similar options to make the most out of smaller rooms.

The first Motto by Hilton will be located in Marylebone in London. It will have 104 rooms in total. Construction will begin in a couple of months and it is expected to open its doors in 2020. More locations are expected to pop up soon after in Europe and other continents. Boston and Washington DC are expected to be the first cities to get Motto hotels in the US.

Motto by Hilton Features

The properties will have various types of rooms. In addition to the standard room with the bed at the center, there will be one with a corner layout in which the bed can be rotated for more space. Other rooms will have wall-beds or bunk beds and others will have more social seating.

Rooms may have connecting doors on each side. The idea is to be able to group rooms together to create larger quarters for families or friends.

“You can link up really as many rooms as you want to have,” Trip McLaughlin, global head of Motto by Hilton told USA Today.

The rooms will have Hilton’s Connect Room technology, which allows guests to control temperature, lighting, TV and curtains through the Hilton mobile app. Rooms will also have a white noise app accessibility, blackout window shades, sound-absorbing materials, and a sleep amenity kit with eye masks and oils.

While rooms will be small, common areas such as the lobby will be large enough and designed in a way to become hangout spots.


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