Citi Limits American Airlines Mailer Offer Codes to One Use Only

Citi often sends out mailers with offers for its American Airlines credit cards, and some of them do not have the 24 month limitation. These 9-digit codes have worked for multiple application, making it possible to share it with a few people. Now it looks like Citi has closed the loophole and is only allowing these codes to be used for one application only. When you try to use them again, you get an error message as described in this Reddit thread:

  • Message 1 – “The information entered does not match our records. Please be sure to enter it exactly as shown on your invitation letter. If you prefer, you can mail in the form attached to your invitation letter. “
  • Message 2 – “For your protection, the number of attempts is limited. Please mail in your application.

citi aa mailer codes

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The change seems to have taken place in the last few days. For now it applies to personal offers only.

Let me know if you have encountered the same problem recently, or if you have any data points to the contrary.

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