Marriott’s New Reservation System Will Let You Pick Specific Room Features

Marriott has had to do some major coding work to integrate all three programs (Marriott, SPG, Ritz) into one system. A major part of that loyalty integration involved transferring all of Starwood’s hotels onto Marriott’s reservations system which was more outdated than Starwood’s system.

Marriott's New Reservation System

Now all of Marriott’s more than 6,700 properties will soon be operating on the same reservations system. But it will be on the company’s brand-new system that will allow the hotel company to enable guests to choose their own room, among other features, Skift reports.

“We do have a new reservations platform that’s rolling out this year,” Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson said at Skift Global Forum in New York. “There are some additional features that I think we will push,” he added, noting the “ability to identify your room when you’re booking” and “choose more room types than you’ve been able to do in the past,” two features, he said that “have already rolled out.”

Hilton is the only other major global hospitality chain that allows its guests to choose their own rooms.

Booking Based on Room Features

Sorenson said that Marriott customers will soon be able to select “bed types, views, floors, all of those sorts of things that go into that.” Categorizing a property’s inventory with all those different types of attributes makes it easier for guests to get the exact type of room they want, and helps hoteliers sell other room combinations, and perhaps even find opportunities for upselling.

The new booking system with personalized options might also give customers more incentive to book direct than to book a room via an Online Travel Agency such as Priceline or Expedia.

Marriott representatives said that additional information about its new reservations platform won’t be available until later this year.


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