Airfare Deal! Fly to China for Less Than $400 Round Trip, Checked Bags Included

Flights to China have becomes much cheaper recently, and just in the last few weeks we have seen several deals for very affordable flights. Now there’s some more great deals up for grabs with prices starting at less than $400 with two checked bags included.

cheap fares to china

Cheap Flights to China

Right now you can buy cheap tickets to China from many cities in US and Canada. The cheapest flight is from San Diego to Beijing. It prices out at just $386 round trip and includes two checked bags for free. From other cities you’re looking at prices starting from about $400. You can start your search on Google Flights or SkyScanner and continue booking on the airline’s website. here’s some of the examples:

There’s availability in November of 2018 and January to April of 2019.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Pretty good prices for travel to China. Just keep in mind that these are long flights and you’ll be in Economy. You do get checked bags, which make this a good deal for those planning long stays.

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