You Can Self Refer for Amex Cards and Make All Bonuses Better, But it Could Be Risky

I recently wrote about the new referral system that American Express has implemented. You can now basically refer people for any American Express credit card, as long as you have a card issued by American Express. So if you have an Amex Platinum Card for example, you can refer someone to apply for the new Amex Gold Card. if you’re wondering what kind of bonus you would get in that case, it’s the standard bonus that the Amex Platinum Card would get, so 15,000 Membership rewards points. Here’s the bonus I received for exactly that referral:

self refer amex cards

Since the Amex Platinum Card earn 15K per referral (up to 55K a year), it should be the first card you use to refer people for other Amex cards. It will make all bonuses 15K better. The same goes for the business version of the card.

It gets even better. DoC reports that with the new referral system, self referrals work. You can just refer yourself and get the signup bonus and the referral bonus.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

being able to refer people to any card and even refer yourself, should open up possibilities to get better signup bonuses and maximize referral bonuses. Referring yourself is not against the rules, but Amex does have a rule that you can not game the system, which is pretty broad. Their fine print states that if you “engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the welcome bonus offer”, they “may not credit the welcome bonus”. This specific case is not mentioned there, but it’s still a risk.

It could be a risk worth taking if you have nobody that can refer you. For the Blue Business Plus card for example you could end up getting a 25K bonus instead of 10K if you have a Amex Platinum card already. Personally, I will stay away from this. The Amex RAT team has been getting worse (or better?) lately, so it could lead to trouble. Many people are probably already doing it, so that will just make things worse. I’m not sure if Amex meant self referrals to be allowed.

Let me know what you think. Would you refer yourself for an Amex card?

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6 thoughts on “You Can Self Refer for Amex Cards and Make All Bonuses Better, But it Could Be Risky

  1. I dont receive the option to refer any other cards. Anything special I need to do? My refferal section only lets me referr the same card but not others.

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  5. I think it’s a very bad idea to refer yourself. I know it works for now and it’s tempting but you’ll be drawing attention to yourself. The AmEx rat team has been working extra hard so I would just be at my best behavior with American Express.

    Plus I don’t see this lasting for long. I doubt American Express meant for this to be an option.

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