Marriott Workers Are on Strike In 7 Cities

Marriott hotel workers are still on strike in several cities and more of them are joining in. Nearly 3,000 Marriott employees went on strike in Hawaii on Monday, adding to a major multi-city work stoppage hitting the world’s largest hotel chain.

Marriott Workers Are on Strike

There’s now a total of 7,700 workers in seven cities that are on strike after having failed to settle on new collective bargaining agreements with the company. The affected hotels operate under the Marriott, Sheraton and Westin brand names.

The workers in Maui and Oahu joined employees who went on strike in recent days in Detroit and Boston, and the California cities San Diego, San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. The workers are housekeepers, servers, bartenders and other service employees in the hotels. So service at locations in these cities could be disrupted, but it is not affecting all hotels. In Detroit for example, workers are on strike at just one hotel, the Westin Book Cadillac.


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