Google Can Now Tell You Best Time to Book Your Travel

Google has released a new feature that gives you the best time to book your holiday travel, based on last year’s prices and trends.
The tool was built with the promise of helping you navigate through the dilemma of when to book your getaway for this year’s holiday season that’s fast approaching.

The new Google tool features a personalized graph that was created based on data from Google Flights, hotel search, and things to do from

To find out when you should book your flight, the page lets you enter an origin city and a destination. It also requires you to put in a time frame for travel. Then Google will show you a graph of prices and how far in advance to book, based on data from last year of this same flight route and time frame.

The new feature has limestone. Currently, it only offers origin cities from Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington.

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