Eat Huge Meal, Get Free One Night Stay in Brooklyn

If you find yourself in Brooklyn with a big appetite and no place to stay, then I have a deal for you. Clinton Hall, a Beer Garden in Williamsburg Brooklyn, has a challenge that can get you a free one-night stay next door at Pod BK.

To get your free nights you need to conquer the Clinton Hall challenge. You have 25 minutes to eat three beef patties, 3 slices of American cheese, 3 whole buns, smoked bacon, onion rings, a full tray of french fries, and obviously a pint of beer. They do have a great beer selection.

The hotel itself doesn’t look that great, but it is in very good location in of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. There’s a lot of bars, restaurants and stores around there and Manhattan is only a couple of stops away.

I think you need to pay for your house meal, which costs $39. But that’s a decent price for dinner and a hotel night in Brooklyn. I’m not sure how long the offer will be around. Until last month, if you finished the mall, you just got it for free. Now it’s a little better I think.

Just make sure you come hungry.

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