Amex Adding Exclusive Restaurant Booking Feature for Premium Cardholders

American Express is adding one more benefit to its Platinum and Centurion credit cards. It will provide an app for special access to restaurants around the world. A perk that goes along perfectly with the allure of such premium cards that carry large annual fees but try to provide benefits and services that make cardmembers feel just a little special.

amex platinum restaurant feature

The move comes as American Express is going head to head with Chase in the battle for young rich customers, who like the finer things in life but can also afford premium cards like Amex Platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve.

New App Feature

The new feature will be soon added to the Amex mobile app. Bloomberg reports that it will first launch in October 2018 for Platinum cardholders in the UK and then later this year and early 2019, it will roll out to US customers and other countries.

The feature is similar to OpenTable. It will allow you you to book reservations at restaurants from your mobile phone. That’s not really a groundbreaking proposition, but what sets this Amex Platinum feature apart is that it also promises access to exclusive Michelin-starred places that American Express partners with.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This has been an option for a while for Amex Platinum and Cenutrion cardholders. But, it hasn’t been an accessible feature. Amex launched Global Dining Collection back in 2017. It offers the same services that the new app promises. But bookings has to be done through its Platinum Concierge service and not many people knew that this was even a perk of their Platinum card. Now it will be at everyone’s fingertips. With just a few taps, you can have your fancy reservation.


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