Frontier Airlines Lowers Change Fees

Frontier Airlines made a surprising move, lowering its ticket change fees. It will now have one of the most generous policies among U.S. carriers. The biggest change in their fee schedule if for travelers who change a ticket more than 90 days before departure. it would previously cost you $99 to do so, but form now on it will be free.

Frontier Airlines Lowers Change Fees

Changes less than 90 days before their trip but at least two weeks before their trip will cost $49, down from $99. The fee for changes made 13 days or less from travel will remain at $99. In all cases, travelers must still pay any fare difference.

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One thought on “Frontier Airlines Lowers Change Fees

  1. Nice to see this modest reversal in the downward tide…. (and thus the surprise) Alas, ever since Frontier went over to the dark-side — e.g., charging for everything but the air you breathe, and dumping so many of smaller airports it used to champion (like SHD & ILG), I have tended to fly Frontier only as a “last resort” — especially for flights via Denver or the Rockies. Now if only we could get them to offer some sort of a significant break on the nasty baggage fees if you hold their barclay’s credit card.

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