Sinemia Goes After MoviePass Customers with New Unlimited Monthly Plan

A month ago, MoviePass stopped offering unlimited movie subscriptions. The $10 per month plan had cost the company millions, sending its parent company’s stock price plummeting. MoviePass instead now offers for the same $10 just three movies per month. Even that, is a limited selection. Its less-known rival, Sinemia, has stepped in to lure away MoviePass customers.

Earlier they started offering a new cheap plan of $9.99 a month. Now they are offering an unlimited plan. It’s more expensive that what MoviePass was offering, but we all new that it would never last at that low price. Sinemia’s plan on the other side will cost $30 a month, but it is still a good deal for those who go to movie theaters often.

sinemia unlimited monthly plan

With the new $30 Sinemia plan you can see a movie a day, every day, not including 3-D or IMAX formats. All theaters are included. You can even reserve seats ahead of time.

Sinemia offer a few different plans, with the cheapest starting at just $5 a month for just one movie a month.

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