Chase Double Dip is Dead!

If you’re a fan of Chase credit cards then this is bad new for you. For a long time Chase has had a loophole where you could apply for two Chase credit cards at the same time to get around some restrictions. For example if you were at 4/24 it meant that you could only apply for one more Chase card that was affected by the Chase 5/24 rule. By applying for two cards at once you could get the bonus on two more cards, instead of one.

Another scenario would be for cards of the same family, which are restricted to one bonus for every 24 or 48 months. By applying for two cards at once you could get the bonus on two cards of the same family.

Chase Double Dip

Now this loophole seems to have been closed. Reports from Reddit and Doctor of Credit show that it’s no longer possible to apply for two cards to get around these restrictions. Chase is manually reviewing applications and closing one of the cards in these cases. Chase is closing one of the cards without consulting customers at all, or if you’re lucky, you get to choose which card you want to keep.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This loophole provided an opportunity to get an extra bonus with Chase. It seems that it’s no longer possible at all. Now it would just be safer to apply for the card you want to avoid getting stuck with your second choice if Chase just decides for you which card to close.

Have you tested the Chase double dip lately? Let me know how it went in the comments!

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