Google’s Touring Bird Can Help You Explore New Cities

When you go to a new city, sometimes you wonder what’s out there. You can search the web, but there’s tons of advice out there and difficult to sort through. What if you had a trusted name like Google, give you some tips, attractions and other fun stuff to do in this new city? Touring Bird does just that. It is a new site from Google’s experimental incubator Area 120.

Touring Bird

The site was launched recently and for now it’s available in English only and covers a limited number of cities.

A quick look at New York City gives you some good info on what to do in the city. First it’s the main attractions such as Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Hudson River and NY Harbor. The there’s tour and activities and local tips that offer a bit more obscure things to do around the city. There’s also a list of free tours for those on a budget. Similar info is available for other cities as well.

If you’re traveling soon to a new city, check out Touring Bird and see if it’s useful.

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