A Yellow Amex Platinum Card? It Could Be Yours for Just $1K

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the American Express Platinum card and all it’s benefits. Some of you even have the card. But did you know that there’s actually a yellow version? Yes, a yellow personal Amex Platinum credit card. This is a special limited time version designed by rapper, pop star and producer Pharrell Williams. He was hired as American Express’s new creative director for its Platinum Card back in 2016. That mostly means that he’s just a spokesperson for the brand, but he’s also involved in bringing up the brand new Yellow Amex Platinum card.

Yellow Amex Platinum card

To get your hands on a Yellow Amex Platinum card you need to purchase a ticket to a charity event called The Yellow Ball. You can then request a yellow version of the Platinum Card. The event will be hosted at the Brooklyn Museum on September 10, with proceeds benefiting Young Audiences Arts for Learning. Missy Elliott will be the musical headliner, with appearances by Pharrell and other Amex partners. If you;re wandering what it will cost you… it’s a full $1,000.

Besides the yellow color, there’s nothing special about the credit card. It has the same annual fee, benefits and metal structure that you get from the regular Amex Platinum credit card. You will just feel a bit more special when you take it out of your wallet.

Is anyone planning on getting the Yellow Amex Platinum card?



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