UberEats Delivery Fee Changes to Distance Based

If you reky on UberEats for your food deliveries, you will see your delivery fees get more expensive or more affordable. Currently UberEats charges a flat $4.99 delivery, although sometimes you might see promotions such as this one that get you free deliveries. And on top of the fee you might have to pay for surge pricing if it’s a busy time.

ubereats delivery fee

UberEats is looking to change that pricing model. They have been working on a price tool that’ll vary the booking fee primarily based on a customer’s distance from a restaurant. The closer you are, the cheaper it’ll be, and the further you are, the more expensive it gets to get your favorite burger from a place across town. The range varies per city but is usually somewhere between $2 and $8. This could be good or bad news for you, depending on where you order from. It will definitely push people to order from more local places.

Uber Eats has been testing out the new fees in several US cities over the past couple of months, and the company reports that over half of all orders had booking fees that cost less than $4.99. The feature is now rolling out to all US cities starting today.

If you’re wondering how Uber makes money with the service, here’s a quick explanation. UberEats partners with restaurants to let them decide what menu items to sell on the app. The company then charges restaurants a service fee that’s calculated as a percentage of their sales on the platform. Uber now has more than 100,000 restaurant partnerships, which include everything from upscale eateries to McDonald’s.


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