Sad Day! Amex Offers Limited to One per Person

If you have many Amex Cards then you’re definitely a big fan of Amex Offers. You get a statement credit or rewards when spending a certain amount at a specific merchant. And there’s a lot of these offers, with some being very lucrative. Here’s an example on one of my American Express credit cards:

amex offers limited

Obviously that’s not all pure profit, but I have many cards and all of them have these offers. The scalability was one of the most important parts of Amex Offers. But that might have come to an end for good today.

Amex Offers Limited to One per Person

I already wrote about the issue last month. But it wasn’t affecting everyone the same. There were some limitations for many people, but also some others were able to keep using multiple offers through multi log-ins and multi tabs. Now, starting August, 2018, I think we can say that Amex Offers are dead. Not completely dead, because you can still use them on just one card per person, but that’s as good as dead for many.

When using multi tabs, you might still be able to add the offers on many cards, but once you log out and log back in, they will disappear on all cards but one.

The only solution that could work is by adding the offer to two cards at the same time, maybe using different devices. This is not guaranteed to work and at best will get you the offer twice. But still worth trying for those good Amex Offers.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A sad day. These offers have been extremely profitable over the years for me and many others. It is now hard coded it seems to limit them to just one per person. Let me know if anyone is experiencing otherwise.


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