Newegg, Buy $50 Nike Gift Card Get Free $10 Card (Limit 2)

Newegg has a promotion on Nike gift cards. You will get a free $10 card when you purchase a $50 Nike Gift Card. That’s a discount of 16.7%.

Nike Gift Card

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Use a shopping portal such as Chase UR to get at least 2% back, plus you should earn at least 2% back in credit card points. You can sell Nike Gift Cards for as much as 86%, which should give you a very small profit, since there’s a limit of 2 per account.

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2 thoughts on “Newegg, Buy $50 Nike Gift Card Get Free $10 Card (Limit 2)

  1. Thanks for the early alert. 🙂 Curious you suggest using a portal to get cashback. Re. CUR, fine print on their Newegg merchant indicates: “Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.” You had recent experience to the contrary?

    Have my own data point on that…. got 6% ebates cashback tracking from gift card purchases earlier this week at Staples. (never mind t&c there too suggest “not eligible”)

    • I haven’t kept track if they pay out on gift card purchases at Newegg. Still worth a try.

      any data points are welcomed!

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