Google Pay Now Lets You Send & Receive Money Plus More

Google will now let you send money to friends through Google Pay after combining the Pay and Google Pay Send apps. You can now request and send money from the Google Pay app, similar to features in Apple Pay, Venmo and Zelle. If you purchased something with Google Pay, splitting the bill is even easier. You can tap the bill to request money from up to five people, which should make shared purchases much easier.

google pay send money

The split in features between multiple Pay apps was a bit weird and probably due to technical difficulties initially. But it’s nice to see that Google is consolidating all these features within one app.

Besides the payment options Google Pay will let you save tickets and boarding passes on Android phones. So far, only Southwest and Ticketmaster are supported. But others like Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, and Vueling are expected to be added soon. They’ll get saved in the Pay app’s Passes tab, which also stores gift cards, loyalty cards, and other offers.

You’ll also be able to use Google Pay on your desktop through The browser version syncs to the app so you can easily switch between both.


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