Check Your Amazon Accounts, Possible $30 Credit When Using MR Points (YMMV)

I was trying to use this great 20% off promotion from Amazon for a second time earlier this morning.  I purchases $500 in Lowe’s gift cards for $399 plus one Membership Rewards point.

amazon amex credit

At checkout I noticed that I had an option to use a $30.00 promotional balance for my purchase. It wouldn’t stack with the 20% off promotion though. I went back and tested it out on a $60 Lowe’s gift card and it worked. A 50% discount. I had to use an Amex card and one Membership Rewards point again, so it was really $29.99 and one point for a $60 Lowe’s Gift Card.

It looks like one of those $30 off $60 Amazon Amex promotions, but I hadn’t seen it show up like that in my account before. And I have used up those promotions or at least tried to, every time they came out.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

It’s definitely YMMV, but worth checking. I saw it on the payment method section at checkout under the gift card balance. Let me know if you have it.


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