Amazon 20% Off Promotion Working For a Second Time

Amazon has a great promotion that could save you 20% on purchases, for savings up to $100. You need to use at least one Amex Membership Rewards points for the purchase. You can read more about it below on my original post.

The promotion turned out to be even better than expected, since you could purchase $400 in Amazon gift cards and $100 on third party gift cards, and get 20% off the whole order.

Amazon 20% Off Promotion

20% Off for a Second Time

Now Amazon is letting people use the promotion once again, even if they used it in the first two days, through the method I mentioned above. You can no longer use it for Amazon gift cards this time around, but it is still working on third party gift cards. I tested it with Lowe’s gift cards myself and it is working for me for a second time. It might be YMMV but definitely worth a try.

Some people who have yet to use the promotion could even be able to still go the old route with the $400 in Amazon gift cards. Try that first if you have yet to take advantage of this great promotion.

You can also do even better by using the discounted Amazon gift cards you bought, for the second round of purchases.

Direct link to promotion

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Do this right away, in case they make changes to the promotion. If you haven’t used the promotion yet, try Amazon gift cards first. If you already did it, then go for third party gift cards.

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