Amazon Prime Discounts Coming to Whole Foods Nationwide

Starting Wednesday, June 27, members will receive a 10 percent discount on certain items at all Whole Foods Market locations across the country, including at Whole Foods 365, the chain’s more affordable brand. Discounted products include everything from proteins like baby back ribs and sockeye salmon, to produce, ice cream, bulk items and beverages. These savings with also apply to items purchased using Amazon’s delivery service Prime Now, which is only available in select areas for now.

amazon whole foods discount

Amazon and Whole Foods had been expanding their discount program, and it is currently available in 23 states.

The 10% discount is a great perk for those who often shop at Whole Foods. It comes with Amazon’s Prime membership, which now costs $119. With enough shopping at the supermarket chain you could even make up that whole price in one year. Whole Food prices are generally more expansive than other supermarkets but many people prefer them for their quality and selection.


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