Unreal Mobile, $10/Month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

If you missed out on Sprint’s $15-a-month plan for unlimited talk, text and data, FreedomPop has an even cheaper deal called Unreal Mobile. Unreal, which launched today, offers unlimited talk, text and data for $10 monthly. There’s a catch obviously. The Unreal Mobile $10 plan includes only 1GB of high speed data, and anything after that will be slowed down.

Unreal Mobile $10 plan

This Unreal Mobile $10 plan is the lowest price you will ever see for a plan that includes some form of unlimited talk, text and data. This isn’t a a promotional rate but is here to stay, at least for now. They also offer two more plans, $15 a month with 2 GB of high-speed data or $30 with 5 GB.

Sign ups for Unreal will be done online, at the unrealmobile.com website, where existing users of phones on the Verizon and Sprint network can type in their IMEI number (found in the General section of Settings on your phones) and add service over the web.


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