New Plastiq Features, Send Faster Payments Via Wire and ACH Transfers

Plastiq is a good way to pay bills with a credit card. You can pay a wide variety of bills for services you receive, mortgage, rent and many other things. The service comes with a fee, that doesn’t always make it worthwhile, but doing this quickly and from the comfort of your home, is a big plus. Plus they usually have some kind of promotion that lowers the processing fees. There’s one such promotion running now for paying bills of up to $250 with a Mastercard credit card with no fee.

New Plastiq Features

New Plastiq Features

Plastiq is making payment even easier to complete. Instead of mailed checks that sometimes take up to a week to be delivered, they are providing new wire and ACH options.

  • Domestic Wire (Payment arrives same-day)
  • International Wire (Payment arrives next-day)
  • ACH Direct Deposit (Payment arrives in 4-5 Business Days or Expedited option available)

To gain access to these new electronic delivery methods, verify your Plastiq account in just 90 seconds. Once you verify your account, you will be able to set up payments via ACH Direct Deposit and Domestic Wire. If you need to send an international wire, please email One of the perks of sending payments via Wire is that Plastiq includes payment details such as your name and account number for easy reconciling.

Sign Up Bonus – $500 Fee-Free Dollars

If you’ve never tried Plastiq you can sign up through my referral and you get $500 in fee-free spending. That means that you can pay any bill up to $500 with a credit card with no fee.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Paying through Plastiq doesn’t always make sense since they charge a 2.5% fee for credit cards and 1% for debit cards. So it’s usually more about being an easy option than a profitable one. Now with these new added features, the payment are quicker and more secure.


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