Capital One Adds Free Global Entry/TSA PreCheck to Venture Card

The Capital One Venture card doesn’t earn the most valuable rewards points. But it does make up for it with simplicity and 2 miles for every dollar you spend on purchases. 100 miles is equal to $1 in travel rewards, making it a 2% everywhere card.

capital one venture card global entry

Early this year it added a great perk, 10x points on hotel stays booked and paid through When you combine a Venture card with’s rewards program, which gets you a free night after 10 stays, you can get an unbeatable 20% return on hotel stays.

Now there’s yet a new benefit added to the card. Starting on June 12, card members can receive a credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. Global Entry, which is $100 every five years, comes with TSA PreCheck included. PreCheck on its own would be $85. Read here what these programs provide plus other options.

The credit will be applied automatically when you charge the application fee to your Capital One Venture card, and it’s available every four years.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a great card for those who want simplicity. You get 2 miles for every dollar and they’re as good as cash. You can also get 10x miles on hotel stays booked and paid through Now you also get free TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. The latest addition is not something that will make people sign up, if they didn’t have eyes on the card already.

The card comes with a signup bonus of 50,000 miles, but they also had some targeted offers for 100,000 miles recently. The main issue is that they pull all three credit bureaus, so keep that in mind when applying.


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