15% Off iTunes Gift Cards On eBay and More

PayPal Digital Gifts is selling $100 iTunes Gift Cards for $85 on eBay. There’s a limit of 3 per account and they’re selling fast. Could be useful for some free credit card rewards, depending on your reselling relationship.

Buy Here

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Besides the iTuines offer, there’s also a wide variety of discounted gift cards that are still available:

  • $100 Lowe’s eGift card for $90
  • $100 AutoZone physical gift card for $90
  • $150 Best Buy eGift card plus bonus $15 code for $150
  • $100 Hotels.com physical gift card for $89
  • $100 Cabela’s physical gift card for $80
  • $60 Guitar Center eGift card for $50
  • $100 Cheesecake Factory gift card for $90
  • $100 Wayfair gift card for $90
  • $100 Barnes & Noble gift card for $90
  • $100 Sunoco gas gift card for $95
  • $50 Express eGift card for $40
  • $30 Domino’s eGift card for $25

You can find all the gift cards here.

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2 thoughts on “15% Off iTunes Gift Cards On eBay and More

  1. “depending on your reselling relationship”

    Well, as a lot of your readers are getting divorced from TPM, we’re “dating” again…. Open to match-making. 😉 Are there any “reselling relationships” where one can actually break even with such I-tunes deals? If not here, perhaps a dedicated post on the topic?

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