Plastiq is Giving Out Fee-Free Dollars And Warning People About Visa Payments

A week ago I wrote about some Plastiq changes to payment made with Visa cards. Payment made through Plastiq with many Visa cards will be treated at cash advance starting June 1st. This is an issue with Visa, not Plastiq, and the lattr has been really helpful with information on how to avoid Cash Advance fees. FrequentMiler reports that Plastiq is contacting customers to warn them about these fees and suggesting to cancel payments that will incur CA fees and switch them to a card that is safe.

In addition they are offering fee-free dollars for the amount of the scheduled payments.

plastiq visa issues

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A nice gesture from Plastiq that really makes your re-scheduled payment fee-free.

They also have a nice promotion going on, where you can pay bills of up to $250 with a Mastercard with no fee.

If you’ve never tried Plastiq you can sign up through my referral and you get $500 in fee-free spending. That means that you can pay any bill up to $500 with a credit card with no fee.


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